The time he asked me out and then masturbated in front of me behind his desk

A former male MEP, who is now doing quite well in consultancy in Spain, thought it was appropriate to continuously message me via an online LGBTQI+ dating-application. He sometimes asked me out even when he was back in Madrid.

In his message, he wrote: “Why don’t you come over for dinner? “I will take you somewhere nice. Just a few drinks…”

He kept insisting, even though I made it clear I wasn’t interested. 

After all of this, I found it hard to believe that this was a well-known MEP. So I told him I would pass by his office to see if it was really him and tell him his behaviour was not appropriate.

I knocked the door and he told me to come in. And at this very moment, he was masturbating behind his desk. I stood by the door, frozen and in shock. He attempted to approach still with a visible erection in his pants, and then he hugged me. I was frozen; I did not know what to do. 

Repulsed, I just said I had to go. 

I really want this man who is supposedly straight and married to stop harassing young men and taking advantage of his position.

This happened when I was a trainee in the European Parliament during the summer of 2018. That is how when I heard about the #MeTooEP movement. And yes, I am sharing this quite “late.” I guess I just decided to ignore it and move on, but as I said before, I want to stop this man from harassing young men and taking advantage of his position of power, which he still has in Spain.

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