What is sexual harassment?

‘Sexual harassment’ means conduct relating to sex which is unwanted by the person to whom it is directed and which has the purpose or effect of offending that person or creating an intimidating, hostile, offensive or disturbing environment. Sexual harassment shall be treated as discrimination based on gender (© Article 12a. REGULATION No 31 (EEC), 11 (EAEC)).


What if I experience sexual harassment?

Seek medical help: Your doctor and doctors of the European Parliament can help you. As they are bound by medical secrecy, you can be sure that you will be heard without the need to be concerned that your colleagues or any other person will know about your case.

Seek support: If you can, talk to someone you trust so you can have a support at your place of work.

Lodge a complaint: Sexual harassment is punishable by law.

External complaint: If you feel that you are ready to talk about what happened to you, police officers are here to listen to you and inform you about the legal help you could benefit from.

Internal complaint: Although we are advocating for the revision of the rules related to these bodies, two internal committees are here to help you. Click here for more information. In any case, try to keep as much evidence as possible.