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Respectful work place – 25 Anniversary (Egalité website) In case of harassment or any other issues please do not hesitate to contact us but at the same time do inform your administration and the confidential counselors. Since its foundation, Egalité has been combating discrimination affecting LGBTI + staff within the European institutions. Egalité provides individual assistance to its members in case of harassment or discrimination.

The European Parliament’s Sexual Harassment Problem. (Der Spiegel, 13 November 2017) Sexual harassment has long been a fact of life in the European Parliament in Brussels. Recently, some women have begun speaking up. But the law-making body has been slow to address the problem (continue reading)

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Brussels faces its own harassment demons. European Parliament accused of having a ‘culture of silence’ in which problems are deliberately kept in-house. Politico, October 2017. (continue reading)

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“Zero harassment in the workplaceBrochure for MEPs.

European Parliament’s internal rules on harassment .

Combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU : European Parliament Resolution of 26 October 2017

Measures to combat mobbing and sexual harassment in the EU: European Parliament Report of 17 September 2018. Read the interview with the author, Pina Picierno.

EGALITE the association of LGBTI+ staff members of EU institutions, aiming at combating any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

European Parliament Study: Bullying and sexual harassment at the workplace, in public spaces, and in political life in the EU

European Parliament report  on discharge in respect of the implementation of the general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2016, Section I – European Parliament (2017/2137(DEC)) Committee on Budgetary Control
States in paragraph 73:
Is of the opinion that in reaction to the #metoo-campaign, the Parliament should achieve zero-tolerance towards violence in any form be it structural, sexual, physical or psychological; demands therefore:
– complete accountability of the perpetrators with full exhaustion of available penalties and sanctions;
– creation of a central complaints office for reporting harassment cases;
– access for all to an independent harassment committee in the Parliament that does not reproduce the internal structures of power by having Members on board;
– protection for victims and those reporting such violence which grants them full anonymity and discretion;
– psychological support for victims provided by a central office of the Parliament with doctors, social workers, and counsellors;
– mandatory training on sexual harassment and mobbing for Members and officials in positions of power;
– training and information for staff to help them recognise sexual harassment and to ensure that they know their rights;

European Investment bank:
EIB Vice-President McDowell reaffirms EIB commitment to preventing sexual harassment