Launched in March 2018 to combat sexual harassment and call for exemplary working conditions within the European Parliament, MetooEP continues its fight to denounce all kinds of abuse, power imbalance and violence and harassment in the workplace.

We are a group of women and men working in the European Parliament who are committed to act for change toward a fair and equal society. By publishing testimonials of victims of sexual harassment and by campaigning through our activities and actions, our aim is to keep on raising awareness on gender equality and on gender-based violence, topics that are too often swept under the carpet when they should be considered as a priority for everyone’s safety and well-being.

We refuse to get used to sexual violence and harassment and categorically reject the normalisation of abuse of power. When one person faces sexual violence, we are all at risk. This is why we will not personalize testimonials as these are all our stories: Hers, His, Theirs, Yours and #MeToo.

Why we are here

Our successful campaign of awareness rising began within the European Parliament, the biggest Parliamentarian Assembly in the World. It was our first step. Actions are now needed everywhere!

In October 2017, Members of the European Parliament voted in favor of the resolution 2017/2897(RSP)  which called on the European Parliament to act when it comes to combat sexual harassment.

This resolution includes three crucial elements that need to be used as guidelines in every workplace to guarantee minimum standards of protection to all workers when it comes to situations of harassment:

  • A mandatory anti-harassment training for all employees, including persons in managerial positions. As sexual and moral harassment occurs mostly due to the abuse of power, it is only logical to ask to the persons with higher positions to take part in trainings related to such issues.
  • The constitution of a trustable and independent anti-harassment committee composed of professionals and experts to provide appropriate support to the victims when a case is declared, and can investigate and advice in an independent manner. 
  • For bigger companies and organisations, the constitution of a taskforce of independent experts who could check regularly – through an external audit – how cases of harassment are being dealt with within the organisation and if all management staff and employees are aware of the rules.

These demands were reiterated in the EP resolution 2019/2855 of November 2019 and EP resolution 2021/2986 of December 2021 confirming the support of Members of the EP to the goals of MeTooEP.

Change is on its way but it cannot happen without unity and solidarity. Join us!

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Together, we are stronger!